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Immerse yourself in the depths of beauty with our “Oceanic Treasures” Cobalt Blue Ring. This exquisite piece of jewelry captures the essence of the ocean’s mysteries and embodies a captivating allure that will leave you enchanted.


Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this stunning sterling silver ring features a vibrant cobalt blue sea glass centerpiece. The intense hue is reminiscent of the deep ocean, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder. The sea glass, meticulously tumbled by the waves, has found its way into this extraordinary design, where it gleams with a mesmerizing iridescence.


Surrounding the sea glass centerpiece, delicate waves of sterling silver create a graceful embrace, symbolizing the ever-flowing currents of the ocean. The meticulously crafted details capture the fluidity of water, reflecting the timeless beauty found in nature’s elements.


Designed to be more than just a ring, this piece carries a story of sustainability and conservation. The cobalt blue sea glass used in this ring is repurposed from the shores of Long Island, embracing the concept of recycling and reducing our ecological footprint. By wearing this ring, you become a champion for both style and the preservation of our planet’s precious resources.


The “Oceanic Treasures” Cobalt Blue Ring is a statement piece that effortlessly combines elegance and sophistication. It is perfect for those who seek to make a bold fashion statement while maintaining a deep connection with nature’s awe-inspiring wonders.


Whether you wear it as a symbol of self-expression or a reminder of the vastness of the ocean, this ring is sure to captivate the attention of all who behold it. Allow yourself to be drawn into the depths of its beauty and let it inspire you to embrace the allure of the sea.


Sterling Silver

Size 6 can be made 1 size larger

Authentic sea glass

Sterling Silver Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Ring

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