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The poem “I want to age like sea glass” by Bernadette Noll is one that resonates with many…

Meticulously curated with pieces of glass fragments to represent sea glass, this card weaves a visual tale mirroring life’s intricate journey, a sentiment shared among sea glass enthusiasts.

The sentiment of each piece echoes the desire we all have to gracefully weather the storms, similar to the sea glass shaped by waves and time. Like these polished gems, life’s trials refine our inherent beauty.

Whether gifted or kept as a personal treasure, this art card captures the enduring connection we feel with the sea and our collective wish to navigate life’s currents with grace. Let it be a expression of the profound link we share with the sea and its wisdom.

Heavy card stock 5” x 7”

Tumbled craft sea glass pieces

“I want to age like sea glass” 5”x7” art card

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive as each print is adorned with pieces of sea glass and is made to order.

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