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Back to School Sea Glass Wish Bracelet

“New beginnings, new adventures. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of my love and support on your first day of school. You’ve got this!

Tie your bracelet on your wrist (or on a childs backpack) and when your bracelet wears off your wish is ready to come true.

Cotton cord ties on and stays on until falls off.

First Day of School Wish Bracelet

Cord Color
  • These cute sea glass wish bracelets make for a great back to school gift.

    Wear this Sea Glass Wish Bracelet as a reminder to follow your heart and believe... and eventually your dreams will come true!

    Close your eyes and make a wish. Tie your bracelet on your wrist and when your bracelet wears off your wish is ready to come true.

    These are made on bamboo or hemp cord, they are left open so you can tie around the receivers wrist or ankle.

    Each bracelet is made with a piece of sea glass on a bamboo or hemp cord. Sea glass color will be either green or brown depending on what is in stock. These are pre made and a limited edition, so depending what is in stock is what will be shipped. I'm happy to try my best to meet your needs, so in special instructions/comments note what color cord you'd like. (pink, blue, red, purple, green, hemp)


    Bracelets are sold individually.

    Would make a perfect gift for 
    Family member
    Children Gift Bag
    Good Luck Gift
    Just Because Gift 
    the possibilities are endless ...

    **Note: all of my sea glass is 100% genuine and handpicked by myself from shores of Long Island, NY. The shapes and colors of sea glass vary because they are shaped by the ocean and from rolling around in the sand for many years.

    ***Glass can be fragile - handle & wear with care.

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