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This bag is the “lettered olive” bag. Each bag will have at least 1 lettered olive shell in it.

The lettered olive, Oliva sayana, is a species of large predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Olividae, the olive shells, olive snails, or olives.

Sea Shell Mystery Box, a treasure trove straight from the shores!

Each box is meticulously curated with 15-20 exquisite shells and an assortment of other beach treasures, handpicked during my coastal explorations from when I lived on Long Island to now shelling in Florida, which I now call home.

Whether you're a collector, a decorator, or a craft enthusiast, these coastal gems are perfect for enhancing your space or inspiring your next creative project. Dive into the magic of the sea with our Sea Shell Mystery Box and let the ocean's beauty adorn your world.

I’m a beachcomber and treasure collector at heart, but I am running out of space in my home for all these beautiful treasures.

All shells and treasures have been washed and treated with oil to bring out the beauty in each piece.

Please note, you won’t receive every shell shown in the pics but you will receive a beautiful array of what I have collected on the beach that week.

Please note: this box is excluded from promo & discount codes and Mermaid Money can NOT be used when purchasing this item alone. lol

The “Lettered Olive” Sea Shell & More Mystery Box

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