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Wear this Wish Bracelet as a reminder to follow your heart and believe... and eventually your dreams will come true!


Pearls, the June birthstone, is symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. The gems are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. They are well-known for their calming effects.

Pearls have a way of bringing balance to your karma.

Pearls represent wisdom gained through experience. The gems of the sea are believed to offer protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Moreover, pearls speak of the wearer’s purity and integrity.


Ancient Japanese Legend – During ancient times, the Japanese believed that the tears of mythical creatures created pearls. Some of these creatures include, but are not limited to, nymphs, mermaids, and angels.


Limited edition Peacock Pearl Wish Bracelets will be on the website at 10am this morning and will only be available through Thursday for $5 each.


Each bracelet is displayed on a meaningful card and gifted in a cute coral gift bag making it the perfect mermaid gift.


Close your eyes and make a wish. Tie your bracelet on your wrist and when your bracelet wears off your wish is ready to come true.


Hemp cord

Imitation peacock Pearl

Wear as bracelet or anklet

Peacock Pearl Wish Bracelets

  • Cotton Cord Wish Bracelets are pre-made due to the popularity. I try my best to fulfill the color combo selected... but there are times the exact combo may not be available to ship right away and a similar substitution will be made. 


    Cotton Cord Wish Bracelets can last anywhere from 1 week to a few months, it all depends on the wear and tear, how they are tied on, ect. These are meant to be thoughtful gifts. Please see our waxed cord wish bracelets if looking for something that will last longer.