$1 from every item purchased will be donated to Clearwater Marine Aquarium ManateeHelp.org

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You are “My Rock”  custom rock leather bracelet or necklace. 

Do you have a special rock you my have found while walking the beach with a special someone that you’ve kept but would love to make it into something you can wear? Maybe you found a stone on your first date or honeymoon...Maybe you were gifted a piece that holds a special meaning in your heart.

Let me create something unique and meaningful with your personal collection.  It can be as minimal as a singlerock or pebble hanging from a leather cord to stacking a few pieces from your collection to create a more zen style.

I will first ask that you send me a picture of your piece(s), from there I will be able to see if they can be used... if all is okay you will receive confirmation from me and will be asked to place your order online and ship it priority mail to me.
Once your piece(s) are received I will come up with a design especially for you. If the rock is flat and smooth a heart can be engraved, sea glass can be added (both for a small additional fee). I want to create something beautiful and unique just for you. 

And men will love them too! When I was working pop ups and events, I always had men coming by looking for jewelry for them to wear.

This is a custom made order, please allow 3-4 weeks from the time I receive your treasures. 

“ My Rock” custom orders