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This beautiful authentic lavender purple sea glass necklace hangs beautifully from a sterling silver chain. 

Most of the purple sea glass found today is softly colored from exposure to the sun. The intensity of the purple hue in sea glass is determined by the amount of manganese in the glass and length of sun exposure.  85% come from bottles, 15% tableware. 

#6 Rarity on scale 1-10)The projected odds of finding pieces of sun-colored amethyst glass are one for every 200-300.

Large abstract Lavender Purple Sea Glass Necklace

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    Long Island found, Long Island made

    **Note: all of my sea glass is 100% genuine and handpicked by myself from shores of Long Island, NY. The shapes and colors of sea glass vary because they are shaped by the ocean and from rolling around in the sand for many years.

    Glass can be fragile - handle & wear with care.