Never give up, always have hope!

Sea Glass Wish Bracelet

Wear this Sea Glass Wish Bracelet as a reminder to never give up and to always have hope!

Adjustable Cord is long enough to fit around any wrist or ankle, trim cord is too long after tied on.
Bracelets are sold individually.

Bracelets are pre-made so custom color combos are not available. Sea Glass colors are either clear, brown or green. Cord colors are either pink, purple, blue, green, brown, black, neutral or greys. You can note which color you'd like, but requests may not be able to be met depending on what is in stock... I will try my best to meet your request or come as close as possible.

Close your eyes and make a wish. Tie your bracelet on your wrist and when your bracelet wears off your wish is ready to come true.

Each bracelet comes packaged in a coral jewelry bag.

Hope wish bracelets

Cord Color
  • Cotton Cord Wish Bracelets are pre-made due to the popularity. I try my best to fulfill the color combo selected... but there are times the exact combo may not be available to ship right away and a similar substitution will be made. 


    Cotton Cord Wish Bracelets can last anywhere from 1 week to a few months, it all depends on the wear and tear, how they are tied on, ect. These are meant to be thoughtful gifts. Please see our waxed cord wish bracelets if looking for something that will last longer. 


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