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This bohemian driftwood and sea glass wall hanging/sun catcher is perfect for any bedroom, beach house, screenroom or makes the perfect accent piece in any room. Weathered driftwood found while walking the beaches of Dunedin, FL and 18 ocean tumbled pieces of sea glass, all found along the beautiful beaches of Long Island have been thoughtfully laid out and then carefully hand drilled to ensure each piece stays in place.Hours of work goes into designing just one sea glass sun catcher... but the finished piece is so worth it! xo *It is not recommended this be left outdoors all the time. High winds, sun and rain may cause cord and glass to dry out and break.Driftwood is 10” WSea glass hangs 16” L from driftwood.NO DISCOUNTS, PROMO CODES or MERMAID MONEY can be used on these items due to the amount of sea glass that is used in each piece. 

Driftwood and Sea Glass Sun Catcher