Blue beauty

Layered with multiple pieces of authentic Long Island found sea glass, each piece of glass has been carefully hand drilled, wrapped in sterling silver wire and hangs from a sterling silver satellite chain.

Ever wonder where your blue sea glass came from?
There were many items made for this blue glass. Cobalt Blue sea glass was often used for Noxzema, Milk of Magnesia, Bromo, Evening In Paris, Vick's Vapor Rub, and even Poisons Bottles. The magical like quality of blue glass is why it was used for medicine and why you still get that thrill finding one. Among the most desirable of sea glass colors, consider yourself lucky when you stumble upon a piece.
1 In 300 Sea Glass Pieces Found Will Be Cobalt Blue (Dark Blue)

Light Blue or Cornflower Blue is Pre 1900 Phillips Milk of Magnesia when light blue was used before printed labels were adhered to bottles. The product name was embossed on the glass and this was easier to read on a lighter color glass. When printed labels started to appear, the color of the bottle went darker.
1 In 700 Sea Glass Pieces Found Will Be Light Blue

This is a one of a kind piece using 5 pieces of rare blue sea glass,
3 pieces of cobalt blue
2 pieces of cornflower blue.

Earrings and rings not included but may be purchased separately.

Due to the extreme rarity of this piece, % off discounts can not be used.

Blue beauty necklace



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