About Sea Glass & Sunsets


Owner & Jewelry Designer

Heather Hallam

Sea Glass & Sunsets was started after I was asked if I had any hobbies. I realized I had stopped doing things I once loved to do. So I started to go down to the beach to just enjoy the fresh air, nature and the peace it brought me. So what started as a hobby, has now become a full time job... and I couldn't ask for anything better! I'm a beach lover, I try to spend a few days a week down at the beaches off the LI Sound collecting sea glass.


Each piece of jewelry is unique, just like the sea glass... no one piece is the same. Every piece of glass has been handpicked by myself, and every piece I find I feel an instant connection, wondering where it came from? How long has it been tumbling in the water? I feel a personal connection with each piece and try my best to compliment and showcase the sea glass in a way that brings out it's true beauty. 


If you are looking for a special, unique gift to give someone, I hope you find that piece here. Each piece is handmade with my love and passion of the water and sea! 



Attention to detail doesn't end at jewelry design. Each piece you purchase is packaged with just as much love, so it feels like your birthday everyday.

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My daily routine usually involves a walk on the beach...

it is on our beautiful Long Island coastlines that I find and collect my sea glass treasures.


Unfortunately, while out on these beach combing hunts I come across more trash than treasures.


My Promise To You, Our Waters and Our Coastline


To keep our waters clean and preserve our coastlines from as much plastics and debris, Sea Glass & Sunsets will be filling at least one #4OCEAN bag with each beach combing venture I set out on.